I'm Drinking Again ...by Capo Dave Williams,
Play G form, capo on 6 for Db

G                         Em           D
It looks like I'm the last one to know
                 G           Cmaj7          D

though the signs were there all along
            C           Em7              D
I'm just glad that I heard it from a friend
    C                   Em   D       G  
it seems that I'm drinking again

G                      Em                  D
I wondered why mornings felt so bad
                 G        Cmaj7          D
and they say every fear hides a wish
        C    Em              D
its no use, I just can't pretend
             C                 Em   D      G
now I'm sure that I'm drinking again

              Am                   C                 G           
And I've noticed that my wife has gone missing
D                                             G
just how long its been, its hard to say
         Am           C            G
but I'm told we had a lot in common
   Em         C                         D
I have it all written down some place

G                    Em                 D
Can anyone predict the rate of  fall?
       G                  Cmaj7               D
Too bad that Isaac Newton's not around
 C                   Em           D
maybe there's no rules in the end
               C                    Em    D    G
when you find that you're drinking again

Harmonica Solo

Second Chorus
            Am         C                 G            
All those years of planning and building
               D                          G
doors are locked and i can't find the keys
          Am          C                G
now its all gone and there's good reason
            Em       C                   D
quiet ruins that no one needs to see

G                         Em            C              D
And now I've got to go, there's someone knocking
      G           Cmaj7            D
I'm hoping its someone who knows me
   C                  Em          D
it could be some long lost friend
  C                          D 
someone who won't suspect
        G                              Em
and I hope that they don't check
                C                     Em  D      Em
they might find...   that I'm drinking again

Tag with...
               C                      Em D      G
they might find...   that I'm drinking...
(words trail off and begin final harmonica solo.)
   C                    Em   D      G
C                      Em   D      G