It's Too Dave with C form...capo on first fret...effectively key of Db


They closed down the mines some years ago
its fracking now instead
A letter came just yesterday
This is what it said:

     F                          C
It's too bad.... and it's so sad
      G                                           C
The company surely feels all your pain
And if you kick up a fuss
You can leave town on a bus
          G                   F                  C
If you don't have the dough for a plane

The kids are out of school

Their future's bright as hell

The car wash pays real good

And Friday nights are swell

That smell down in the basement

gets stronger every day

It said something in the paper

And the neighbors moved away

Harmonica solo


The EPA is on the case

its been 2 years or more

we filled out all the forms again

the same ones as before

I dreamed last night that Jesus came

to tell us what to do

he saw the letter that we got

and he said he got one too

Second chorus

It's too bad.... and it's so sad
Buy a toaster, you'll get a guarantee
I know it makes you curse
but things could be much worse
you should see what happened down in Tennessee

Guitar solo

So my gun is locked and loaded

But I don't know how to feel

there's no robbers left to shoot

'cause there's nothing left to steal

The barbershop is empty

sidewalk's growin' grass

And freedom's ringing somewhere else

Where someone's got the cash

Repeat Chorus
Am                          G
If you don't have the dough
           F                 G             C
You're never gonna go... on a plane