Modern Times / Convenience Store... by Capo Dave Williams
Db...capo on 6 with G form but better with capo on 1 with C form


G               D                         G
Joanie is a friend, a friend of mine
                                D                     G
She's at the register every day when I stand in line
    C                                                G                          Em
A six pack, a lottery ticket, make a play you just might win it
           D                                                       G
So convenient when you're livin' in modern times

G                    D                                  G
Joanie's got a boyfriend, his name is Marty
                            D                        G
She met him last week at a trailer party
       Bm                                               C
Now Marty's van is parked behind the store
     G                                                           D
its been three days but he's not around no more
C                                                             D
Joanie stands to watch as the van gets towed
                Em                                             D
and she's thinkin' about the fifty she is owed
C                               D                    G
And it's just another day in these modern times

G                   D                                            G
Joanie hasn't been around the store much lately
                                      D                          G
she's not feelin' good since she had the baby
          C                                                           G                  
Singin' halleluiah down at the mission, a little something for a nervous
       D                                             G
We all need help in these modern times

G                                        D                 
Marty came back and he's got a new tattoo
    G                                                           D                         G
with the name spelled wrong guess he really didn't have a clue
Bm                                               C
Joanie says that Marty's all she's got
                Em                                             D
and he does okay, just hope he don't get caught
  C               D                        G
Doin' a little business in these modern times

G                              D                   G
Joanie started back workin' two to ten
                                   D                      G
She's feelin' low, now Marty's gone again
             C                                                   G                                Em
Spanish lady won the daily double, gonna help get her hijo out of trouble
  D                                                       G
Winners and losers in these modern times

G                           D                           G
Joanie's in a room down at the police station
                                               D                        G
the money's all gone, she knew the combination

Bm                                               C
"I ain't the one", poor Joanie starts to sob
     G                                                       D
she'll do some time, too bad it cost her job
 C                                        D
and me, I'll be stayin out of sight
            Em                                      D
I'm not sayin' that what I done was right
            C             D                       G
I'm just gettin' by in these modern times.
            C             D                       G
I'm just gettin' by in these modern times.