Zoom and recording setup with an analog PA

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Zoom camera setup

Early on I discovered that simply using computer camera and built-in microphone yields very poor results for Zoom performance and recording in general.  At this point, it seems obvious that Zoom sessions and self-recorded song sessions are the way of the future.

I found that interfacing an analog PA with computer gives very poor sound.  My best solution so far is to feed the vocals and instrument normally into the analog PA and take one output from the PA to one very good speaker.  That speaker is then miked with a Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone.  The microphone plugs into your computer with a USB cord.  There is also a jack on the microphone for headphone use if desired.

Zoom speaker setup

PA as used for Zoom

For our purposes here, we are only talking about an old school analog PA.  I am using the trusty Yamaha EMX 212S.  Instrument (in my case guitar) and SM 58 type microphone are jacked into the PA just as you would for a little coffee house show.  Settings are up to you.  Again... a single output from the PA goes to a single good quality speaker which is then miked by the Shure MV5.  I have my speaker located at ear level about 5 feet from where I am sitting. With this setup, all the moaning and groaning you once did about the lousy sound at your local open mic will be a thing of the past!

The video is coming from a Logitech C922 Web Cam.  Web cams are pretty generic and range between $50 and $150.  This Logitech is around $100.  The Cam plugs into your computer with a USB cable.  I am using a Bosch tripod which, unbelievably cost only $35!

 Web cam used for zoom


There are lots of ways to get set up comfortably but I built this stand which integrates vocal mic, computer and computer track ball.  Since the camera is independent of the computer, you are free to frame your shot any way you see fit. 

 And here is the view from the "driver's side"!  You are now ready to Zoom into the future!

All the best,
Capo Dave