Musicians Open Mic
Definition:  "Musicians Open Mic" ...A public event at which musicians of all skill levels are given the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience with the use of a well-managed sound system. 

Guiding Principles: 

1. Room size and configuration are important factors.  Room cannot be too large or too wide.  Audience should be concentrated in one area and immediately contiguous to the stage area.  Players should feel connected to listeners.

2. The sound system will be of good quality and stage monitors will be in use to make sure musicians are able to give their best.  A "sound person" will make adjustments as needed for optimum result from each act.

3. A Master of Ceremonies will be in charge of the proceedings.  The MC should be a person with strong speaking voice and friendly manor. 

4. Efforts should be made to control noise that can diminish the quality of performance.  This includes excessive audience talking.  An occasional (perhaps just one time per event) reminder by the MC along the lines of: "We ask our audience to please respect the musicians and limit talking during performance".  It is understood that this is a social event and people wish to interact.  It is possible for interaction to take place without compromising what the event is actually all about.  The first line of defense in this area is the musicians themselves.  If musicians do not respect their fellow musicians, the "civilians" in the audience will follow suit.  Once an open mic has established itself as a real acoustic show, crowd noise becomes less of a problem.  Accordingly, the MC's reminders to the audience can less frequent.

Examples of excellent "Musician's Open Mics" are Hub's Coffee (formerly City Espresso) in San Jose, South Bay Folks in San Jose, GVA Cafe in Morgan Hill, CA, Artichoke Music in Portland, OR, Mt Pleasant neighborhood House in Vancouver, BC, BC Firefighter's Center, Vancouver, BC and Art Beat On Main St in Vista, CA.