Bobby Cole & I... by Dave Williams   Capo on 4... effectively Key of G#m


Em                          C                       Em       D         Em
We got the news from Sutter's creek, Bobby Cole and I
so we left the ranch and headed West
        G                    D
it was eighteen forty nine

Em                            C                            G                          D
If we could just make one good strike, we'd quit & go back home
G          C           Em      D
Lifelong friends until the end,
G          D        Em
me and Bobby Cole

Em                           C          Em          D       Em
We made Calaveras County... starving, nearly dead
a gang in Jamestown ran us off
G                              D
and we landed in Merced
Em                                      C            G                      D
we worked and saved our money, enough to stake a claim
      G              C              Em       D
picks and shovels we dug that hole
     C               D            Em
and swore we'd beat this game

you can throw away your bible
        D          Am        Em
and forget the golden rule
C                       G        C
when gold comes up to daylight
        G         D      Em
you'll be the devil's fool

Em                          C                       Em       D           Em
It was on a Sunday morning, Bobby cried out from below
"Davy boy I found the vein,
          G                              D
we damn sure have struck gold!"

Em                              C              G                        D
We hauled that gold up to the top, morning noon and night
G          C           Em      D
Lifelong friends until the end,
G          D        Em
Bobby Cole and I

Em                            C                       Em      D        Em
In two weeks time the vein was spent, a fortune in our hands
we started drinkin' whiskey
       G                    D
and making future plans

Em                         C                             G                        D
We talked about the folks back home and long lost days of old
G                   C                    Em          D
but our words turned and that whiskey burned...
       G             D       Em
our eyes were on the gold


Em                          C                       Em             D       Em
A single thought we had just then, as I looked him in the eye
"he wants it all for himself,
 G                 D
now its kill or die"
    Em                  C                    G                      D
He shot me in the shoulder as my knife went in his side
G          C        Em      D
we fell bleeding to the ground
    G                  D         Em
and that's where Bobby died

Em                      C                          Em       D        Em
By the riverside I made his grave... covered it with stones
that was 40 years ago
       G                    D
now all that's left is bones

Em                              C                          G                          D
we learned that day the price of Gold, the cost was much too high
G          C       Em         D
lifelong friends, until the end
G         D      Em
Bobby Cole & I

Final Chorus
So hang on to your bible
       D          Am        Em
and to your friends be true
              C            G          C
and don't do those things to others
            G               D         Em
that you don't want done to you.