Capo Dave Williams Song Collection

Capo Dave Williams at Grinds 'n Vine Cafe, Morgan Hill, CA

Greetings!   This is my collection of unedited song performances. A handful are my originals. The rest are songs I believe to be jewels of the Folk tradition.
There is nothing for sale here. My songs are free for all to use in any way whatsoever. I only ask to be credited for authorship. Accordingly, Cover tunes in this collection credit the original artists/authors.

Best regards, Dave Williams...AKA Capo Dave Williams


I hope to be adding adding, more or less, one new video per week.




Friday Night at the Merchants' Hotel YouTube Lyrics Capo Dave Williams
I'm Drinking Again YouTube Lyrics Capo Dave Williams
Its Too Bad...the Fracking Song YouTube Lyrics Capo Dave Williams
Kids For Cash at the Luzerne County Courthouse YouTube Lyrics Capo Dave Williams
Song to Woody YouTube Lyrics Bob Dylan
The Preacher and the Slave YouTube Lyrics Joe Hill
Where Did You Get That Hat? YouTube Lyrics Joseph Sullivan / Capo Dave Williams
Women Across the River YouTube Lyrics David Olney

Zoom and recording setup