These Coal Town Jez Lowe  E or Eb  
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G                                                     C

There’ll be tears in the eyes of the weak,
                 G                                    D
And in the eyes of the most strong-hearted,
G                                    C
Tears in the eyes of the miners and wives,
                    G             D            G
When these coal town days are done.

G                                         C

And it’s towered above this town,
                          D        G
Since this century first started,
But the towers will be all torn down,
           G                  D               G
And a whole way of life hauled away.



Men have worked it in fear and rage,
And they’ve cursed it to hell in it’s darkness,
But they’ll walk from that last shift’s cage,
And they’ll curse what the future’s to bring.


And the fight between the mine and the man,
And the lives and blood that it cost us,
It was never to be lost or won,
Because the powers that be rule the day.