Where the Birch Trees Grow...Dave Williams...Db...play C on 1st fret

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Opening guitar figure
C               F                   C
Its been years since I've been here
        Am                              G
But I can't forget, I'll always know
     C      G               F
Our little lane on the hillside, Kathy
C                        G      C
From a long, long time ago.

C                                      F           C
On those warm and perfect summer evenings
Am                                  G
car windows rolled down low
    C      G               F
We were really something, Kathy
C              G              C
Where the birch trees grow

Am        F     
Did you forget me?
F                       C
You had a good reason
Would you still know me?
    F           G          F   G
I wonder about you
C         G             F
It might have been different
                  Am     G         F
But there's just no way to know
C             Am               F
I still think about you, Kathy
              C        G       C
And that time so long ago
Harmonica Solo

C                 F                    C
And, yes I'm sure this is the place
       Am                              G
It's hiding underneath the snow
   C    F       C               F
I can see us sitting there, Kathy
C             G              C
Where the birch trees grow

Repeat guitar figure

Am          F                        C
If I could bring that summer back
 Am                          G
One thing I'd want to know
    C          F               C         F
Is that you'd be there with me, Kathy
C              G              C     F  
Where the birch trees grow 
C              G              C     Am
Where the birch trees grow

Harmonica ending
G      C       Am      F         G      C