Linda's Song ...Dave Williams... C or Db

G                                     C
Linda lived on the edge of town
      G                                 Em                    C                         D
in a run down house with her mom & some old biker hangin' around
Em                            C                         G
she had the looks that live in young men's dreams
      Em                       C                 D
with cheap perfume and drugstore magazines
      Em                                           C         D    Em
and all the boys would say, "I can have her any day"
      Am                       C                 D            
but few stepped up, it took a lot to dare     
talk to Linda

             C                   G
Ah, the secrets they all knew
       D                       Em
and Linda knew some too
                C                                            D
about this town and the things good people do
when no one's looking
G                                                C
From the factory gate to the legion hall
   G                   Em              C                    D
Linda found the bottom with no place left to fall
     Em                                   C                            G
word spread fast they came from near and far
      Em                       C                     D
to buy her drinks and take her in their car
              Em                              C       D       Em
and you'd see her walkin' home, late at night alone
         Am     C                   D
in the cold, underneath the stars
who will walk with Linda?

Linda's Song ...Second Chorus
        C                G
and so she went along
        D                          Em
with what she knew was wrong
                      C                                          D
sometimes the shame was more than she could bear
and she'd start cryin'

G                                           C
The church bells ring out every Sunday
             G                             Em        C                    D
and they march in heads held high and kneel down to pray
Em                            C                  G
the old men standin' on the steps outside
     Em                     C                        D
they talk about how poor old Charley died
      Em                               C               D            Em
and Linda's out of jail, don't know how she made bail
                  Am    C                D
the way she lives, lucky she's alive,
say a prayer for Linda

 Instrumental solo

G                                       C
Things in town just aren't the same
     G                                 Em               C                      D
since Linda ran off with the preacher, it seems like such a shame
Em                    C                      G
a man who was married eighteen years
   Em           C                 D
sits in a bar buying Linda beers
          Em                                  C          D          Em
and he once lived on the hill, Linda's up there still
           Am                 C                      D
it cost a lot, but the preacher got his thrill,
 he took a walk with Linda
.       C                G          D                Em
And me I'm layin' low, It's crazy, sure I know
            C                                                  D
but I dream of her, and the places we might go
when no one's looking